The CNM/UNM App Contest Is Now Open to Students of All Disciplines

Students from a wide range of fields, from tech to design are encouraged to submit their app proposal to this year’s competition with a chance to win up to $5,000
September 19, 2023

UNM and CNM are excited to announce this year’s annual App Contest, which is open to current students at both institutions. The format for this year’s competition is taking a different approach to give more students the opportunity to participate.

“In years past we’ve asked students to build a fully functional app, which required a lot of coding and other technical knowledge,” says Esteban Martinez, Employer Relations Manager at CNM Ingenuity. “This year we wanted more students to have the opportunity to participate, especially those in art or design fields, so this year’s competition is all about planning and pitching their app.”

Participating students will develop a high-fidelity prototype using Adobe XD or Figma and then pitch their idea. By focusing on the design and pitch, students from web design, art, graphic design, and other disciplines have a chance to showcase their skills and highlight the importance of design in app creation.

The ultimate goal is to provide students with a comfortable entry point into the tech industry by gaining experience with industry-standard tools, attending mentorship opportunities, and leaving with a great addition to their portfolio.

"We really want to emphasize that you don't have to be a coder to participate," Esteban says. "We're expanding from strictly STEM students to STEAM because we want to acknowledge the importance of creative skills in the tech world."

The impact of the contest extends beyond individual participants, too. Through this event, UNM and CNM are showcasing their commitment to creating and developing a robust tech workforce for companies in New Mexico and beyond.

“I’m always excited to see CNM students compete and hopefully win,” Esteban says. “But I’m also really excited that the two largest colleges in the state are nurturing talent and fostering innovation, which will hopefully attract more tech companies to the region and have a positive impact on economic growth.”

Registration is now open and free and the deadline to register is Oct. 31. Once registered, teams and individuals will have access to mentoring and training sessions where they can refine their projects and work on various skills. For more information, please email