This CNM Grad Has Big Plans to Use Data for Green Innovation

Lauren LoBue graduated from the Deep Dive Data Science Bootcamp and is interested in how data can build bridges across disciplines
December 19, 2022

Lauren LoBue already had a business degree when she started exploring environmental science. For her, those two industries are intimately linked and she wanted to find a way to marry her passions and blaze a new path forward for both fields. 

It turned out that data was the strongest common thread so Lauren decided to enroll in CNM Ingenuity’s Deep Dive Data Science Bootcamp. During the 12-week immersive program she learned how to think about and use data, but also how to present data in a way that makes sense for all types of audiences. 

“The structure was perfect. Throughout the program we had to create a project each week that told a story through data, and then explain that story, and that’s already set me up for success,” Lauren says. 

Almost immediately after graduating she was able to get a job with LQ Digital, a performance marketing agency, where she started in affiliate marketing and has now switched over to search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). All of those positions are data driven, and she’s been able to hone her data analysis and presentation skills. 

“In my position I’m client facing and my job is to help explain how campaigns are performing week after week. CNM definitely set me up well because I already walked in with a lot of confidence,” she says. 

Lauren is excited to grow in her position, and with the company, but the long-term goal is to eventually return to her plan where she merges environmentalism, business development, and data. She already had several green innovation ideas up her sleeve and knows that as she continues to work with data it will further her ability to create a successful project with a real-world impact. 

“We’re at a point in time where everyone wants to have an impact, be that big or small, that gives purpose to our lives and helps change the world,” she says. “And for me the climate is where I want to put my energy. We constantly need innovation in that field, and I’m excited to be part of the larger work already being done.” 

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