This Deep Dive Grad is Now a Location Scout For Some of TV’s Biggest Shows

Maurizio Romero went from waiting tables to scouting locations for major production companies in just a few years with the skills and connections he made in the Deep Dive Digital Media Bootcamp
January 31, 2023

When Maurizio Romero’s mom handed him a flier for CNM Ingenuity’s Digital Media Bootcamp back in 2019 he was working as a server and looking for a new career. Little did he know that little piece of paper would completely change his life. 

Over the course of the 12-week bootcamp Maurizio learned all the skills he needed to immediately enter the entertainment business and rose through the ranks to his current position as a location scout for the new Paramount+ spinoff of “Yellowstone.”

“It’s been quite a journey,” Maurizio says.

Of course he had to work hard to get where he is. After graduating, Maurizio quickly got an internship as a content creation specialist with the Deep Dive Coding program, where he focused on building his photography and videography skills. Then COVID hit and thanks to help from his mentor Dwight Harrison, owner of Beige Imaging in Albuquerque, he was able to get a job as a COVID Production Assistant (PA) at Netflix where he enforced COVID masking and social distancing policy on set. 

The COVID PA job wasn’t very exciting, but Maurizio used this time smartly by building connections and showing his passion for the industry.

“I had a lot of downtime, but when I helped anyone I made sure to put my number in their phone,” Maurizio says. “That way they could contact me if they had a job opportunity or could refer me to other jobs.” 

Those connections paid off, and over the next few years Maurizio worked as a set electrician on NBC’s “MacGruber,” AMC’s “Dark Winds," and was PA for "Better Call Saul." 

Then in 2022 he was finally hired as a location scout for Warner Bros. movie "Wiley Coyote." From there, he was an assistant location scout for Apple TV's "Echo 3" and most recently scouted locations in Albuquerque for the Netflix show “Obliterated.” As the location scout, Maurizio had a big hand in setting the overall scene for the different productions.

“As a scout I find the location, get any permits we may need, and secure any equipment,” Maurizio explains. 

Currently, Maurizio is working in Rockwell, Texas on a sequel to the movie “1883,” which is part of the “Yellowstone” franchise. 

Along with his career as a location scout, Maurizio owns Astrl Entertainment, an Albuquerque-based entertainment company. The company throws concerts at local clubs and most recently hosted a fashion show at Electric Playhouse.

“Through these events we’re able to give local artists opportunities and a solid platform for their work, which is really rewarding,” Maurizio says.

Looking forward, Maurizio says his plan is to eventually graduate to a film producer job and expand his entertainment company. 

“Luckily the film industry is alive and well, and there’s plenty of room for me to grow,” he says. 

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