This Grad Used CNM to Jumpstart a Career That’s Taking Him to Sunny California

Jalen Woods is off to Orange County to sell real estate and knows he’ll be successful thanks to his time at CNM
May 03, 2023

Jalen Woods likes to live by a saying that goes, “the more you put in, the more you get out.” What he means is that the harder you work, the more rewards you reap. And he’s recently proven that to himself during his time at CNM. 

Over the past several years he went through school at CNM, worked full time at Costco, and made sure to stay on top of all the other regular obligations of life. That was overwhelming at times, but he’s now set to graduate and sees a bright and profitable future. 

“These past couple years taught me that things aren’t always easy, and don’t always go my way, but that with hard work and perseverance you always see results,” he says.  

Jalen studied Communications at CNM because he could see how that degree would be a useful base for a number of different careers. That foresight has already proven true because  he’s about to get his real estate license, move to Orange County in California, and knows that strong communications skills are key. 

“I’ll be in a position to help people find the house they always wanted and being able to communicate with them clearly through the process will be a fundamental part of the job,” he says. 

At CNM Jalen took almost all his classes online because that’s what fit his schedule. He was able to work a full-time job and then come home and go through the material on his own time. Questions about lectures and assignments came up, but he would just email his instructors and almost immediately receive a response with help. 

Jalen was surprised to find that a math survey class was his favorite during his time at CNM. He’d never liked math before but realized that was because he’d never had a good instructor. At CNM his instructor was not only thorough in class but also helpful outside of class and Jared was able to see why the exactness of math appeals to so many people. 

“That class was a lot of work for sure, but I was glad that it opened my eyes to another subject,” he says. 

Another lesson from CNM that Jalen will take into the future is high-quality time management skills. Over the coming months he’s going to graduate, study for and pass his real estate exam, pack up his entire life in New Mexico, move to California, start a new career, and develop a roster of clients. That would be daunting for most people, but Jared says he’s totally ready. 

“I know it’s gonna be a juggle, but I’m already good at juggling so I’m ready,” he says.