To Support a Growing Family, This Student Turned to CNM Ingenuity’s Electric Lineworker Pre-Apprentice Program

Nico Quintana is excited about the career potential and on-job duties that come with being a lineworker
July 25, 2023

For Nico Quintana, family is his biggest motivator. And with twin girls on the way, there was no time to waste when it came to pursuing a career as a lineworker.

“Being able to provide for my family is very important to me and I needed to be on a good career path, and for me that was linework,” he says.

Through CNM Ingenuity’s Electric Lineworker Pre-Apprentice Program, Nico is learning the fundamentals of electricity, proper pole climbing techniques, safe work practices, and power grids. While the program is a lot of work, he knows taking the time to complete this training will give him an advantage once he enters the field.

Nico Quintana practicing his electrical pole climbing skills at the CNM Rio Rancho Campus

“In this program we get to make mistakes and learn from them instead of learning on the job and risking my life or someone else’s,” Nico explains. “It’s great to be in an environment where we can learn how to do things the right way.”

Nico has also found that some of the skills he learned while working construction are helping him become a better lineworker.

“I love being able to adapt my previous knowledge to what I’m learning in class,” he says. “Just recently we were changing the gaffs, or spikes, on our boots and I was able to change mine more quickly because I knew a better tool to use. It felt good to bring all of my knowledge together and find a more efficient solution.”

After completing the pre-apprenticeship program, Nico hopes to work for a contractor or utility service.

As he reflects on his experience in the program, Nico wants to encourage others who are interested in the trades to think about both the financial and personal reasons for entering the field.

“There’s no doubt that you can make money as a lineworker or in other trades,” he says. “But having another motivation aside from money is important too, whether it's providing for your family like me, learning a new skill, or giving back to the community. Having a good reason to pursue any career makes all the difference.”

Are you interested in pursuing a career in linework? Contact CNM Ingenuity today to learn more about the upcoming Spring 2024 Cohort, how to apply, and funding opportunities.