Why This Grad Decided to Attend CNM Before Heading to a University

CNM has played an important role in Angelo Arvizo’s educational journey
May 02, 2024

Angelo Arvizo graduated from high school early, but he wasn’t quite ready to take the leap and attend a four year university. Instead, he enrolled at CNM and now feels more prepared than ever to tackle his four year degree. 

“CNM has absolutely prepared me for my next step of attending a four-year institution,” he says. “And the skills I’ve learned during my time at CNM are transferable not only academically, but also professionally.”

Angelo started out in CNM’s Nursing program, but realized he didn’t want to work in healthcare. He always loved reading and writing so he switched to studying English

He quickly found his footing in his English classes and was grateful for the intentional encouragement he received from his instructors. 

“The personal relationships I developed with my instructors were really important to my success,” he explains. “They were the first to reach out about an essay or a missing assignment, which was great, but they also took the time to share specific opportunities to showcase my writing with me. That kind of commitment is so important, especially as an English student, because it helped build my confidence and understand what to expect as a professional writer.”

Along with his course work, Angelo worked as an English tutor for TRIO Student Support Services and contributed to Leonardo, CNM’s student arts and literary magazine. 

Now Angelo is working towards his bachelor’s degree in English at UNM and eventually wants to go to law school. He also just recently started tutoring part-time at The Learning and Computer Center (TLCc) on Main Campus.

“It’s so nice to work at CNM even though I’m not a student here anymore,” he says. “I love the environment on campus, and I’m excited to keep helping students too.”

As he reflects on his time at CNM, Angelo is thankful for the support he found in the community college environment and would encourage others to give it a try. 

“Whether you’re a high school student like I was or you’re already in the workforce but are looking to advance your career, there's a degree or certificate program for you,” he says. “Plus, the instructors are truly interested in helping you succeed, and having someone advocate like that for you and your interests is critical. I truly can’t speak highly enough about CNM.”