Working on Cars Was Always His Dream, and Now This Student Finally Has His Chance

Brandon Proctor jumped right into the workforce to support his growing family but came back to CNM 12 years later to study Automotive Technology
October 31, 2022

Brandon Proctor always wanted to be in the automotive industry but wasn’t able to pursue his education in this field after becoming a father. Then 12 years later, Brandon’s opportunity finally arrived and he was able to enroll in CNM’s Automotive Technology program earlier this year. 

Brandon was intimidated about being a student after such a long break. But with plenty of support and resources provided by CNM, including scholarships, he quickly realized he could succeed. 

“Even though there were hard times, everything lined up for me to be able to come back and do this,” Brandon says. “All of the employees at CNM truly have your best interest at heart.”  

He quickly found his place in the program and focused on learning as much as he could from his instructors. 

“The instructors are actually my favorite part of CNM,” Brandon says. “They are so knowledgeable, and they have made the transition back to education very smooth. They really give you the push you need.”

His hard work paid off when his instructors recommended him for a highly competitive internship with Albuquerque Fire and Rescue (AFR). Through this internship, Brandon is gaining real-world experience and getting an idea of the opportunities available to him after graduation. 

As Brandon looks to the future, he is grateful that he decided to come back to school so he can land a job he loves. 

“I haven’t been to school in 12 years, but every day I’ve spent at CNM has been a blast,” he says. “I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of my family, my amazing instructors, and my time with AFR. Without them, all of this would have been a lot harder.” 

He is also proud that he is showing his two daughters that it is never too late to pursue their goals.

“I’m showing them that even if you start later than everyone else, or something slows you down along the way, you can still achieve your dreams,” he says. “They make everything I do worthwhile.”