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Theatre Program

The Theatre is a full grown, competitive fine arts program at CNM. As a Theatre student, you will study things such as acting for the stage and camera, technical theatre, screenwriting, voice and movement, production practicums, and ensemble improvisation.

With the evolution of the film industry here in New Mexico, the demand for local technical and performing artists has increased considerably. Students involved in film acting and screenwriting are finding opportunities on local shoots and producing their own films. The local theatre scene has been growing as well, gaining national attention. There are now more thriving theatres in Albuquerque than ever before.

We invite you to join us in what has become a very dynamic time here in the Albuquerque performing arts arena.

Careers in Theatre

  •  Actor/Actress for:
    • stage/film/television/radio
    • theme parks/cruise ships
    • industrial/training films
    • new media/interactive video games
  • Lighting Designer/Operator
  • Costume Designer/Construction
  • Set Designer/Builder
  • Hair/Make-up Designer/Artist
  • Sound Designer/Operator
  • Director
  • Stage Manager
  • Playwright
  • Drama Teacher
  • Non-Profit Arts Administrator
  • Theatre Owner/Manager
  • Talent Agent
  • Dramaturg/Literary Manager
  • Drama Critic
  • Acting Coach
  • Casting Director
  • Drama Therapist
  • Producer
  • Box Office Manager
  • Community Arts Center Director
  • Stand-up Comedian

CNM Theatre Faculty

  • Susan Erickson
  • Leonard Madrid  
  • Joseph "Joe" Damour
  • Valeria Rios Giermakowski
  • Shepard Sobel
  • Joanne Sobel
  • Jean Fish-Enclade
  • John "Myers" Godwin
  • Elizabeth "Dani" Belvin

Theatre Courses

Check the Catalog for the most current course descriptions and prerequisites.

Beginning Acting I and II (THEA 1120 and 1121) - 3 Credits
Provides students with the fundamental skills for acting and performing. 

Acting for Camera (THEA 2222) - 3 credits
Introduces students to techniques specific to performing for the camera while they continue to learn and practice skills that apply to acting for both the stage and the screen.

Ensemble Improvisation (THEA 2226) - 3 credits
Come experience the creative joy of short and long-form improvisation by DOING it! (Prerequisite: THEA 1120 Beginning Acting I OR permission of instructor.)

Voice and Movement for Actors (THEA 2231) - 3 credits
Techniques for vocal and physical strength, variety, flexibility, and stamina.  Addresses harmful or limiting vocal and physical habits in the stage or screen actor. This class is a must for all performers serious about their craft. (Prerequisite: THEA 1120 Beginning Acting I OR permission of instructor.)

Beginning Screenwriting: Short Form (THEA 2258) - 3 credits
Learn/practice all the critical ingredients of writing a great screenplay.  Become a screenplay format expert. Network with other writers as you create short screenplays suitable for filming.  Some will be filmed by CNM’s film technician program!  No theatre prerequisites needed.

Introduction to Technical Theatre (THEA 1119) - 3 credits
Offers students hands-on training in all areas of technical play production, including set and property construction, painting, lights, costumes, and sound.  Held at CNM’S new state-of-the-art black box on Main Campus, and the Highland Theatre on Central.

Theatre Appreciation (THEA 1122) - 3 credits
(Formerly Intro to Theatre) Students examine such topics as acting, directing, the role of the audience, stagecraft, dramatic structure, important periods in theatre history, and live production criticism.

Theatre Practicum (THEA 1290) - 1 credit
Starting fall 2014!  Credit for performance and technical involvement in CNM, community, educational, or professional productions. This course may be repeated.