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Fall 2017

During the Fall semester of 2017, CNM will offer one section of The Modern Legacy online, and The Understanding Evil at the Westside Campus.

Course descriptions are as follows:

GNHN 1122, Section 51  The Modern Legacy. Online

CRN: 76834
Instructor: Cecily Corazon

Tough Mama's Kids: examining humanity's relationship with mothers and nature. How are we working with and/or against nature's rules? Are we nature's entitled rebel children or her loving grown-up caretaker children? How do we perceive mothers and women, and does that view affect our treatment of the earth? What effect does the quality of our relationship with nature have on our treatment of the planet's resources?

This course introduces students to key philosophical, scientific, political, and literary views of nature using the metaphor of the mother/child relationship. We will examine views of the state of nature and social contract theory, as well as the ethics of interacting with the earth and each other.  By the end of the course, students will be able to explain how they perceive feminism, intersectionality, privilege, natural resources, settler colonialism, the laws of nature, and the effects of these concepts on how we treat our environment.

GNHN 2221, Section 301.  Understanding Evil

Wednesday evenings, 6:00 to 8:45 p.m. Westside Campus.
CRN: 78096
Instructor: Jeff Salbato,

I am driven to understand as much as I can about the causes of the most alarming instances of suffering: those caused by other human beings. So, what do I do when my questions about evil and the stacks of books that might answer them are growing faster than my ability to tackle them? I create a class so that I can gather together a bunch of brilliant students to help me.

Are humans naturally good or bad? Are humans good or bad in society?  What motivates/enables human beings to carry out acts of evil? What compels certain people to devote themselves to being rescuers and how can we foster a rescuer culture in our society?