Computer Information Systems


The Computer Information Systems program trains you in computer-based skills. Earn an Associate of Applied Science or certificate and pursue work as a Business Intelligence Analyst, Computer Systems Engineer/Architect, and more.

Degrees & Certificates

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Top Jobs in Computer Information Systems

Note: Some jobs require education or training beyond the CNM degree/certificate.

Program Information

Computer Information Systems encompasses a broad field of computer-based areas of study. Information technology offers some of the highest-paying and most challenging jobs in today’s market. You will gain a solid foundation in current technology as well as general education courses.


Cloud Computing and Systems Administration

Students focus on the design, implementation, management, and troubleshooting of computer systems in a business environment. The required courses in the program cover all objectives needed to prepare for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) exams. Areas covered are Enterprise/Server Support and Client Support in the Windows environment.

Computer Programming 

In this program, students develop critical thinking skills by learning to design code to model real-life situations using at least three modern computer languages. Advanced classes such as Android Development, OpenGL, and ASP.Net provide cutting-edge learning opportunities.

Computer Support Specialist 

Students receive training in the concepts and skills graduates need to enter IT support positions. Students are prepared to work in the growing business market of microcomputer applications, Internet, security, programming, networking, and troubleshooting.

Cyber Security 

This program prepares students for employment in cyber and information security. The required courses in the program cover current cyber coursework including network security and defense, ethical hacking, and digital forensics. 


Students focus on the core principles of the DevSecOps methodology including the development, deployment, and maintenance of applications using the tools and techniques necessary for configuring and deploying systems. 

Network Administration 

Students learn the technical knowledge and skills to excel in administering complex IP networks, which are increasingly integral to the functioning of any large business, from manufacturing to science and government services.

Web Programming 

This program offers training in skills for entry-level website designers and developers to create and publish industry-standard compliant web content with strong hands-on knowledge of browser-side and server-side technology.

Further Studies

Computer Information Systems at CNM Ingenuity 

CNM Ingenuity Deep Dive Coding also offers a variety of modern web development, software development, and data analytics boot camps. For more information visit the Deep Dive Coding website

CNM Ingenuity hosts the NMITAP (New Mexico Information Technology Apprenticeship Program) to help provide our communities with access to innovative training, technology, development, and consultation. For more information on becoming an apprentice or hiring one, visit the NMITAP website.

CNM Ingenuity Cyber Academy offers multiple cyber pathways including Certified Ethical Hacker and IT Pro. For more information visit the CNM Ingenuity Cyber Academy webpage.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

If you have a valid certification, you can receive credit for courses in CIS  programs by filling out the following form:

For more information, contact the School Advisor at (505) 224-3811.


This program is accredited through the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). 

Success in CIS

Image of Anita Martin, a CIS student at CNM

Anita Martin is working on three Computer Information System degrees with concentrations in Computer Programming, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing and Systems Administration. When asked what she’ll do with these three degrees, Anita had an easy answer. Read more about Anita's future plans and discover the benefits of having a degree in Computer Information Systems. 

photo of Rick Clark

Rick Clark, a software engineer for NASA, never finished his degree. Now, he's just one term away from completing his AAS in Computer Information Systems, Web Programming. Read more about Rick and how he's using CNM's resources to help with his busy schedule.