Uniform Pick Up and Guidelines

Pick Up Supplies

After you register for Nursing Assistant classes, take a copy of your class schedule with proof of full payment of class registration and fees to the Main Campus Bookstore to pick up your supplies.

Your course fees include:

  • two hunter green scrub tops
  • two scrub pants.

Make sure to go to the Main Campus Bookstore as soon as possible to be fitted for your scrubs. These tops will have a CNM patch sewn on the sleeve, identifying you as a student in our course.

Uniform Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to dress in professional and dignified manner.

You will wear the CNM uniform:

  • in the classroom and lab settings
  • at the clinical site during clinical hours
  • while functioning as a CNM nursing assistant student at any other time (such as a Community Project).

If you are unable to follow dress code guidelines, you will not permitted to participate in learning activities and will accrue a class absence. While you need to be in uniform while commuting to and from CNM activities, you will not be in uniform during off-duty hours. A professional appearance should be conveyed at all times and faculty may address dress code concerns to the class or individuals as necessary.