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Central New Mexico Community College’s Theatre Department is proud to present, Sombras, premiering April 10, 2021, at Harwood Arts Center, directed by Dani Belvin and written and created by CNM students.

Sombras is an auditory art installation experience in collaboration with local sculpture artists whose work is present on the grounds of Harwood Arts Center. Each sculpture played a part in the creation of these auditory episodes. This magical story follows a young woman, Sombra, who journeys to discover truths about herself in a world where connection is paramount and shadows of ourselves bring us back to love and forgiveness.

Audience members will be able to access the audio stories from their digital devices while also experiencing the sculptures installed at Harwood Arts Center for a truly immersive experience. CNM focuses on creating theatrical productions as well as training students to use theatrical skill sets such as design, research, performance, and collaboration in other professions and has recently launched a degree program in theatre. The program introduced students to the basics of theatre, acting, and production.

Sombras begins April 10. Audience members will be able to access the audio on most podcast platforms and have the option of simply listening in the comfort of their homes or take a stroll around the Harwood Arts Outdoor Sculpture grounds for the full experience. Additionally, on April 10, there will be a light installation in accordance with the sculptures for an added immersive experience.

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