EMS/EMT Student Handbook

Emergency Medical Services Program Policy/Student Handbook


EMS Program policies and student handbook are generally updated at the end of each semester.  Due to the dynamic nature of EMS training, occasionally, EMS Program policy may need to be updated during the course of a semester.  In the event that EMS Program policy needs to be updated mid-term, every attempt will be made to notify the students currently enrolled in EMS courses.  In the interest of "going green" this web page will serve as the "student handbook."  Students should refer to this web page regularly when they have questions regarding the policy of the EMS Program not explicitly covered in an individual course syllabus.

Policies listed here supersede the published policy of the School of Health, Wellness, and Public Safety (HWPS) and the overall policy of CNM as published in the current Course Catalog and/or the current Schedule of Classes.

EMS Program Policies/Student Handbook (pdf)