EMS Refreshers and Other Contract Trainings

EMS Refreshers at CNM Contract Training

EMS refreshers are offered every term as a credit courses. Refresher courses are currently offered 2/3 online and 1/3 face-to-face.  Actual dates, times, and locations can be found in the Schedule of Classes.

Other EMS Refresher Opportunities

  • You may also consider contacting the EMS Academy at (505) 272-5757 to inquire about additional course offerings.

Other Contract Trainings

CNM/CNM Ingenuity offers customized Continuing Education, EMS training, and Flexible Scheduling to meet your agency or organization's needs. 

  • Accelerated EMS classes
  • Customized Refreshers/CE packages
  • Customized Emergency Response/First Responder Training
  • EMS Instructor Coordinator (I/C) Certification 
  • Other EMS related topics, i.e. Community EMS

For contract pricing and scheduling, please contact us at [email protected]