Film and Digital Media


The Film and Digital Media program gives you experience with camera, grip, electric, art department, sound design, and editing. Earn an Associate in Applied Science or Arts or a certificate and pursue work as a Film and Video Editor, Camera Operator, and more.

Degrees & Certificates

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Top Jobs in the Film Industry

Note: Some jobs require education or training beyond the CNM degree/certificate.

Program Information

As a student in CNM's Film and Digital Media program, you will have the opportunity to gain broad experience in the film industry. You will explore what it's like to be a production assistant; develop film crew skills such as camera, grip, and electric; and work with creations made by the art department. A post-production pathway is also offered in sound design and editing.

The majority of our students are able to complete this program in around 42 weeks and often begin careers immediately as crew members working on motion pictures, television, and visual production.


  • Intro to Digital Media
  • Film and Media Production Processes
  • Film On-Set and Off-Site Locations
  • Camera Operations
  • Create Special Effects
  • Sound Recording and Design
  • Build a Professional Portfolio

The Future of Film and Digital Media at CNM

Film at the Rail Yards mock up featuring simulation of people using the space for film projects

The start of construction and the transformation of part of the historic Albuquerque Rail Yards into a world-class film production training center is underway. The new facility will offer industry-standard, hands-on, and craft-specific workforce training and job competencies for the film, television, and digital media industry. Learn more about the Film at The Rail Yards project

Further Studies 

Learn how you can boost the benefits of your Film and Digital Media degree with the full-time Digital Media bootcamp offered by Deep Dive, a flagship program of CNM and CNM Ingenuity.