The Geography program teaches the distribution and spatial interaction of Earth’s physical and cultural landscapes. Earn an Associate of Arts and pursue work as a Marine Engineer and Naval Architect, Wind Energy Engineer, and more.

Degrees & Certificates

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Note: Some jobs require education or training beyond the CNM degree/certificate.

Program Information

Geography is the field of science describing, analyzing, and understanding the distribution and spatial interaction of Earth’s physical and cultural landscapes. Using tools such as mapping, Geography majors focus on the complex interrelationships between Earth and human systems, sustainability of global and local resources, and social and demographic phenomena.

This program is designed to meet the requirements for an Associate of Arts in Geography from CNM and prepare you to obtain a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Geography at the University of New Mexico. However, if you are seeking a baccalaureate degree, you may also transfer to other institutions. Students interested in transfer to UNM should consult the UNM Geography Department. You can refer to the catalog of their intended transfer institution for admission, program, course, and graduation requirements. College catalogs are generally available online. You should also consult a faculty advisor and/or an advisor with Advisement.

Mapping a New Future 

Image of Olivia Blecha

CNM graduate Olivia Blecha wanted to blend her love of art with her fascination with maps, so she pursed a degree in Geography, all while beginning a family. “I was going to school at CNM full-time as a new mom, and it was great. I felt really supported,” she says. Now, she works at Silent Falcon UAS Technologies where she takes complex data and makes it digestible for all audiences. Learn more about how Olivia found success and support in the CNM Geography program.