Schedule of Classes

After discovering what programs and courses meet your needs, the next step is seeing what's available in the Schedule of Classes.

The Schedule of Classes is your main resource for viewing class availability, campus location, times and by whom the class is taught. Using this resource is best after you've browsed our programs and course catalog, have a specific class in mind and are preparing to register.

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Remember, you should register for classes only after you've chosen them in the Schedule of Classes.

Diverse Schedule Options

CNM classes and programs are offered in a variety of formats. From traditional in-person formats to distance learning, there is a delivery method for everyone.

  • Topics Courses: Featured courses each semester, complementing regular course offerings.
  • Learning Communities: Two or more courses that are designed to be taught in relationship with each other.
  • Intersession: Between term breaks, CNM offers a selection of classes in a condensed format.
  • CNM Online: Educate yourself according to your schedule by taking online courses.
  • Attend Anywhere: An integrated course-delivery approach that allows you to attend classes either in person, through HD video conferencing, or through recorded lectures.
  • Fast Track Programs: Learn about earning degrees in Business Administration, Computer Support Specialist, and Teacher Education in 15 months.

How CNM Creates the Schedule of Classes

The Schedule of Classes is the result of thoughtful planning by the College:

  • CNM Scheduling Office
    This group assists the academic schools in designing schedules that meet the needs of our programs and students. They use special tools and research to optimize times, days and locations of classes. 
  • Student Scheduling Survey
    The people most impacted by the schedule are our students, so we take student input to help build the schedule. Each year we conduct a survey to gather student feedback and this feedback helps us make important decisions. 
  • Standardized Course Scheduling Times
    To offer students the largest number of opportunities to register for as many courses as possible, standard time blocks have been established. If compatible starting and ending times are set, schedules will fit together more easily.