Credit for CNM Ingenuity, Inc. or Unmudl Training

Turn your completed non-credit training through CNM Ingenuity, Inc. or Unmudl into credit towards your degree or certificate program

The below non-credit courses and programs offered through CNM Ingenuity or Unmudl are eligible for Credit for Prior Learning towards CNM certificate or degree programs. Simply present the appropriate Credit for Prior Learning Form (links below) plus all required documents as listed on the specific form to any Enrollment Services Office to initiate your request. You may also email your request directly to the Grad & Eval Office by emailing all required documents to  

There is no fee for processing credit earned through completed CNM Ingenuity training programs.

Certification and Licensure Programs

If you have earned an industry certification or licensure after completing the following CNM Ingenuity trainings, you may request credit from CNM to apply to a degree program.