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Complaint and Appeals Types and Links

Use the following links for a complaint, complement or appeal.

This is the web page for the Student Complaint Process. Continue to this page to file a complaint or complement. If your needs would be better met by one of the processes below please click the link in the description:

  • The Student Disability Complaint process should be used by any student who feels he or she is the victim of discrimination on the basis of disability.
  • Registration Based Grade Appeals are appeals of a failing grade when the failing grade was a result of a student being physically prevented from dropping the course by the appropriate deadline. Examples include medical emergencies, military service or incarceration.
  • Grade Appeal Policy: It is the student's responsibility to communicate concerns he/she may have about any grade in a class to the instructor of the class. If the issue is not resolved, the student may formally appeal a final grade if the student believes that there is an inconsistency between what is written in the syllabus and what is practiced, a grade miscalculation, if errors in the final exam would change in the final exam grade which would cause a change in the course grade or inconsistent classroom practices would cause a change in the final course grade.
  • Financial Aid Appeals are appeals made when a student believes there are extenuating circumstance that contributed to the student’s failure to make Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Information about tuition refund appeals can be found on the Cashiers Office web page.
  • Information about appealing parking citations can be found on the Parking Services web page.