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Complaint and Appeals Types and Links

Use the following links for a complaint, complement or appeal.

CNM is committed to student success and determined to assure that all students are treated fairly. As such, it is important to the College that all student complaints be heard promptly and accorded the full measure of consideration. Compliments, by the way, are also welcome!

The primary Student Complaint Process is detailed on this linked page. If your specific needs might be better met by one of the processes listed below, please follow that included link.


  • The Student Disability Complaint process should be used by any student who feels he or she is the victim of discrimination on the basis of disability.
  • Registration Based Grade Appeals are appeals of a failing grade when the failing grade was a result of a student being physically prevented from dropping the course by the appropriate deadline. Examples include medical emergencies, military service or incarceration.
  • Grade Appeal Policy: It is the student's responsibility to communicate concerns he/she may have about any grade in a class to the instructor of the class. If the issue is not resolved, the student may formally appeal a final grade if the student believes that there is an inconsistency between what is written in the syllabus and what is practiced, a grade miscalculation, if errors in the final exam would change in the final exam grade which would cause a change in the course grade or inconsistent classroom practices would cause a change in the final course grade.
  • Financial Aid Appeals are appeals made when a student believes there are extenuating circumstance that contributed to the student's failure to make Satisfactory Academic Progress.