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Important Information & Reminders for Veterans

Avoid enrolling in courses that do not pertain to your CNM degree or certificate program. Meet with CNM academic advisors to save yourself time and money. Get an appointment at (505) 224-4321 to keep your program on track.

Check your account frequently

CNM's VA office and Student Services use the student email accounts for updates. Avoid missing key information by checking your CNM email at least once a week.

The CNM VA office can only accept your final class schedule for certification.

If you are expecting to change your schedule or are on a waitlist for a class, wait until your class schedule is situated before submitting it for certification.

Make payment arrangements to hold any courses you’re enrolled in.

Veterans and dependents who are using Ch. 33 benefits can provide CNM’s VA office with their final class schedule to keep their classes from being dropped for non-payment.

Don’t forget to verify your enrollment at the end of each month if the educational benefits you are using requires you to. You can do this at or by calling Enrollment Verification at (877) 823-2378.

New Veterans and dependents using Ch. 33 benefits must make payment arrangements before visiting CNM’s VA office.

  • Development courses cannot be certified if they are taken via distance learning (online). Self-paced courses cannot be certified.
  • Some developmental courses are taught using this type of learning.

If you are using Ch. 31 educational benefits, keep in touch with your case manager on a regular basis. Also, all enrollment changes need to be approved by your case manager first. 

Remember to inform CNM’s VA office of any enrollment changes you make after you have submitted your final class schedule for certification. You can do this by bringing in an updated class schedule to CNM’s VA office.