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VA Class Certification

Have your class schedule certified each term as soon as you register for classes

The CNM program that you choose must be a program that has been approved by the New Mexico State Approving Agency. The courses that you register for must be required for the program you declare in order to be certified. The following information will assist you in receiving your benefits:

  • Meet with a CNM academic advisor each semester to determine what courses are required for your program.
  • Submit your final class schedule each term with a completed VA Class Certification form to the VA office in Financial Aid and Scholarship Services. If you prefer to submit your CNM class schedule to our office via email or fax the following form must be completed in entirety:

- Certification sheet for students not visiting the VA office on main campus*

* New students and students who have not been continuously enrolled must visit CNM’s VA office on main campus to be certified

  • The VA determines your rate of pursuit based on when your classes start and end. To remain eligible for a monthly stipend for the entire term, students should enroll in courses that are in session for the entire length of the term.
  • Chapters 30, 35, 1606, & 1607 students are responsible for the cost of their courses and books each semester.
  • Chapter 31 students are only responsible for the cost of the courses that the VA will not be certifying as well as any books and supplies required for those courses.
  • Chapter 33 students are responsible for the cost of the courses that the VA will not be certifying and will not receive a book stipend for those courses. Also, Chapter 33 students are responsible for any percentage the VA will not be paying.