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VA Class Certification

Have your class schedule certified each term as soon as you register for classes

The CNM program that you choose must be a program that has been approved by the state. Undecided/non-degree, skill sets and apprenticeship courses are ineligible for benefits. The courses that you register for must be required for that program to be certified. The following information will assist you in receiving your benefits:

  • See a CNM academic advisor prior to registration to determine what program is best suited to you.
  • As early as possible each term, submit your class schedule with a completed VA Class Certification form - for Main or other campuses - to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services
  • The VA determines the amount of benefits paid based on when a class starts and when it ends. To be paid for the entire term, take courses that are full term.
  • Students are responsible for cost of courses and books.
  • Complete all your classes with a traditional grade (A, B, C, D, F or for developmental classes a passing grade is required).
  • Dropping or withdrawing from classes can cause repayment of the benefits paid by the VA for those courses.
  • Request transcripts to be evaluated by the CNM Records office from any other post secondary school that you have attended. The VA allows two terms for evaluations to be completed or benefits will be discontinued.
  • All VA educational benefits are tax free.