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VA Work Study

If you are eligible for veterans educational benefits and are registered at least 3/4-time in certified classes for the term, you can apply to work in the VA work study program. The student is paid after completing 50 hours of service or once a month, which ever comes first.


If you are interested in this program, there are a number of opportunities available. You will need to do the foot work and contacting of the various agencies for employment opportunities. Remember, in order to participate in the VA Work-study program you have to be either a three quarter time or full time student.


VA Work-Study Coordinators in Albuquerque

School/OrganizationAddressContactPhone Number
Central NM Community College (CNM) 900 University SE Ian Scott (505) 224-4VET (4838)
ITT Technical Institution Christie King
NM Highlands University
NM Workforce Connection 501 Mountain Road Gary Berrier (505) 843-1924
NM Workforce Connection 661 Quantum, Rio Rancho Richard Mata (505) 896-1765, ext. 233
University of New Mexico Mandy Dykaman or
Lee St. Pierre
(505) 277-1181
(505) 277-3514
Dept. of Workforce
Chris Zafra (505) 841-8517
VA Medical Center Alfred Mares (505) 346-4788, ext. 2760
VA Regional Office 500 Gold SW Jeff Cheney (505) 346-4788
Veteran Center 1600 Mountain Road Mary Ann Seewald (505) 346-6562