Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee supports CNM's Higher Learning Commission (HLC) efforts and determines which CNM processes best demonstrate HLC’s criteria.

The Accreditation Committee supports the College's efforts associated with the Higher Learning Commission, including:

  • Communicating accreditation implications for College processes/interventions
  • Compliance of key processes associated with the HLC's Criteria for Accreditation
  • Review the College's Quality Initiative project and submission
  • Submission of College's systems portfolio, responsive reports, and related work
  • Receiving updates on the College’s submission of quarterly, programmatic, or annual reports due to the HLC

The committee determines which CNM processes best demonstrate HLC's criteria, which process outcome measures should be tracked, what analyses should be conducted, and how the findings can be used to inform administrative decisions.

Committee Members

  • Sydney Gunthorpe, VPAA
  • Tracy Hartzler, VPFO
  • Eugene Padilla, VPSS
  • Lis Turkheimer, Executive Dir. of AA
  • Ann Lyn Hall, Executive Dir. of Advisement
  • Juliane Ziter, Executive Dir. of HR
  • Kristen Ferris, CNM Accreditation Liaison
  • Carson Bennett, Director of Grant Management
  • Karen Riley, MSE Faculty
  • Anna Gilletly, MSE Faculty
  • Diane Evans-Prior, HWPS Faculty
  • Judith Tomasson, School of Education Faculty
  • Celina Bussey, Representative of Ingenuity