Systems Portfolio Teams

The Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) Team is currently updating the Systems Portfolio, a process that contributes to CNM's vision, mission and goals. The portfolio includes nine categories. For the first time, there is faculty participation in each category.

AQIP is the accreditation process through which CNM maintains its accredited status with the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Through AQIP, CNM demonstrates that it meets the Higher Learning Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation while integrating the principles and benefits of continuous improvement to the culture of the college.


AQIP Category

Committee Members

Helping Students Learn

Rich Calabro (MSE)
Nancee Mancel (SAGE)
Jennifer Schaller (CHSS)
Tammy Strickler (Academic Advisement)

Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives

Barbara Bates (BIT)
Jennifer Cornish (Multi Campus)
Janna Goodyear (PT SAGE)
Anna Sanchez (Foundation)

Understanding Students’ and Other Stakeholders’ Needs

Wally Cates (BIT)
Ann Lyn Hall (CNM Connect)
Eugene Padilla (Enrollment Services)
Ronald Reid (CHSS)

Valuing People

Karren Johnson (PT CHSS)
Audrey Gramstad (Distance Education)
Sydney Gunthorpe (BIT)
Jackie Robinson (FT HWPS)

Leading and Communicating

Chris Burns (BIT)
Alexis Kerschner (MCO)
Samantha Sengel (President’s Office)

Supporting Institutional Operations

David Beach (BIT)
Michael Crane (MSE)
Loretta Montoya (Business Office/Budget)
Lis Turkheimer (Academic Affairs/ACE)

Measuring Effectiveness

Glenn Damiani (Institutional Research)
Christopher Frechette (CHSS)
Anna East Gilletly (MSE)
Dawn Kenney (Institutional Research)

Planning Continuous Improvement

Diane Burke (WTC)
Jack Wilder (HWPS)
Pat Seitz (CHSS)
Juliane Ziter (Planning)

Building Collaborative Relationships

Jennifer McDonald (School Relations)
Jean Silesky (CHSS)
Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh (MSE)
Erica Volkers (CHSS)