CNM Accessibility Statement

CNM is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for all and applying current accessibility standards in order to accommodate the different ways people access and use the internet.

Standards and Status 

Accessibility Standards

  • WCAG 2.0 AA  
  • WCAG 2.1 AA (partial) 

Conformance Status

Partially conformant, as some content does not fully conform to WCAG 2.1 AA. Efforts are ongoing to resolve issues found in reports generated by site governance software. 

Accessibility Efforts at CNM

CNM actively pursues digital accessibility through the following policies and practices:

  • Enlisting the support of an ADA Coordinator who ensures website, accommodation, and facility compliance. 
  • Remediating prior non-compliant content, with priority given to high-use internal and external digital content.
  • Establishing a procurement process for technology that integrates an accessibility check and approval process.
  • Continuously updating accessibility training provided to new and existing employees.
  • Captioning all public-facing digital content.
  • Ensuring the accessibility of
    • employee training materials and experiences, 
    • CNM Library resources and materials,
    • digital course content and materials in learning management systems,
    • website structure and design through collaboration with MCO's UX/UI team, and
    • web files and pages published on through collaboration with MCO's Web Content team.

Accessibility Limitations

CNM is aware of the following accessibility limitations on our website:

  • Some images uploaded to the website prior to the accessibility initiative do not have text alternatives. 
  • Anchor text on some hyperlinks may not be descriptive enough for those using digital accessibility tools. 
  • Some element IDs are not unique. 
  • Text on the website may appear clipped when resized. 
  • Form fields are missing labels on EasyForm pages. 

Compatibility with User Environment 

We strive to provide web properties that are accessible by the latest primary web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

EduNav is currently the only known web property associated with that may present limited or reduced accessibility compliance if not used with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Accessibility Solutions


The ADA Coordinator, MCO Web Content, MCO UX/UI, and ITS teams meet once a month to report of the previous months' progress, review monthly accessibility reports, and identify priorities for implementing solutions to issues. 

The Digital Accessibility Working Group is a volunteer group of employees who meet monthly to identify additional areas of digital accessibility compliance. The members work with departments to establish steps they can take in a given year to improve that specific compliance domain.


To address each of all identified digital accessibility issues, the ADA Coordinator, MCO Web Content, MCO UX/UI, and ITS teams utilize website governance software including SiteImprove, BrightEdge, and Yuja Panorama to locate and fix occurrences. For any issue not solved by MCO Web Content, MCO UX/UI, and ITS team members, the website vendor Six Feet Up is contacted to address the issue. 

Complaint Process 

Complaints must be filed with the ADA Coordinator. Please refer to the Disability Discrimination Complaint Procedure for more information.

Accessibility Feedback

CNM welcomes your feedback on the accessibility of our digital properties. We make every effort to respond within five business days.

Website Administration 

If you notice an accessibility issue on, please email

ADA Coordinator

Elizabeth Rademacher
Phone: (505) 224-4758