Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) assists students with documented physical, mental, learning, visual, speech, or hearing disabilities.

*Physical access to CNM campuses is restricted as part of CNM's response to COVID-19. We are ready to help you via email or phone.

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If you notice that the DRC website doesn't look quite as you're expecting, please bear with us. We are tuning things up and expect to have all pages and forms up and running again soon.

DRC Office - Main Campus

Disability Resource Center 
Second Floor, Student Services Center
SSC Room 209 
900 University SE

Mailing Address:
525 Buena Vista SE 
Albuquerque, NM 87106-4096

Voice: (505) 224-3259 
Toll-free: (888) 453-1304 
Fax: (505) 224-3261

Email: is our general inbox, and we also have several specialized inboxes for specific inquiries we often see:

Regular Hours:

  • Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Closed during CNM Holidays

About the DRC

The Disability Resource Center's mission is to work in partnership with students who have disabilities. We provide accommodations that promote an accessible educational environment at CNM. Our goal is to empower students and ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities by minimizing barriers such as physical, psychological and academic. We support student academic success through the use of auxiliary aids, accommodations, and disability services.

Available Resources

Here are some examples of the services provided by the Disability Resource Center, depending on disability:

  • Coordination with community support agencies
  • Extended time testing and alternative testing formats
  • Reader Writers and access to notetaking software
  • Signed language interpreters
  • Adaptive equipment such as FM transmitters, smartpens, & video magnifiers
  • Instructional materials in alternative formats such as Braille 
  • Classroom accommodations such as adaptive furniture

DRC Services During Remote Operations

The DRC is serving students remotely at this time; our physical offices are closed and we are here to meet with you via phone, email, or video call. To request a meeting, you can contact your DRC Academic Coach directly at their email address or contact the DRC at (505) 224-3259 or and we will forward your question to the appropriate DRC team member.

To get a copy of your Student Accommodation Statement (SAS):
 Email your request to the DRC and we will send a PDF version of your current SAS to your CNM email account. If your SAS is over one year old, we will schedule a meeting with your DRC Academic Coach to update the SAS.

If you need help with accommodations for my class and would like to talk to your DRC coach:

  • You can reach out to your DRC Academic Coach directly, or use the email. You can also contact the DRC ( or (505) 224-3259) to set up a meeting with them. DRC Academic Coaches are currently meeting with students via phone or video conference. 
  • If you need a copy of your current Student Accommodation Statement (SAS), please email your request to the DRC ( and we will email it to your CNM email account.

How to use accommodations in online classes 
Discuss your SAS and which accommodations you will need with each instructor. They can work collaboratively with you and your DRC Academic Coach to make sure that you have access to the course materials and activities. If you experience specific barriers, please notify your DRC Academic Coach so they can assist you. DRC Academic Coaches are currently meeting with students via phone or video conference.

How to schedule an accommodated test or quiz for online classes: Many testing accommodations can be provided directly by the instructor in the course shell or accessed at home (e.g. access to water and medication during exams or extended time testing). If you don’t know how to access a specific testing accommodation from home, please work with the DRC’s Testing Technician by emailing with your testing question. We will work collaboratively with you, your instructor, and your DRC Academic Coach to implement the accommodation or determine an equivalent alternative.

If you experience different barriers related to a disability than with in-person classes and would like to request new accommodations:
If you are not currently registered with the DRC, please submit a First Time Request for DRC Services to begin the process of requesting accommodations for classes. You can also contact us at

If you already use DRC services, please contact your DRC Academic Coach to update your Student Accommodation Statement (SAS). You can contact your DRC Academic Coach directly at their email address, or using You can also call the DRC at (505) 224-3259. 

How to request a reader/writer for an online class:
Often students find that the barriers to information access and notetaking they experience in face-to-face classes do not exist in an online course. The materials may have deeper written explanations and audio/visual content may be paused or replayed for a student to take notes at a pace that works for them. If you experience a barrier to information access in an online class, email your DRC Academic Coach to work with them on the barriers you are experiencing and how we can overcome those. If through this interactive process, you and the DRC Academic Coach determine that you require a reader/writer for information access in your online course, the DRC Academic Coach will assist you with submitting the request for that accommodation. You can contact your DRC Academic Coach at their email address, or using You can also call the DRC at (505) 224-3259. 

How to request a Signed Language Interpreter:
If this is a one-time request (e.g., meeting with a coach, instructor’s office hours, online tutoring session), please fill out the One-Time Interpreter Request Form at least five days prior to your meeting. The Disability Services Manager will assign an interpreter to your request.

  • If your meeting is online, the interpreter will need a link to join your meeting. Please include the link in the comment section of the form.

If you need language access in your online course (e.g., live or recorded lectures, synchronous group activities) ongoing, please email with a copy of your schedule (instructions on how to create a digital copy of your schedule follow). The logistics of interpretation in each class will depend on what types of activities the instructor has planned and what class technologies are being used.

  • To create a digital copy of your schedule:
  • Sign in to myCNM and click on Cashier tab.
  • Under the “Make a Payment” heading, select “Your Schedule/Bill.” Select Fall 2020 to open your schedule.
  • Right-click on the schedule and select Print or press Ctrl + P on the keyboard. Select the Print as PDF option. This “virtually prints” your schedule as a PDF.

How to submit my requests for books or Brailled materials online:
You can submit your book requests entirely via email.

  1. Sign in to myCNM and click on Cashier tab.
  2. Under the “Make a Payment” heading, select “Your Schedule/Bill.” Select the term for which you'd like to request materials (for example, Fall 2021) to open your schedule.
  3. Right-click on the schedule and select Print or press Ctrl + P on the keyboard. Select the Print as PDF option. This “virtually prints” your schedule as a PDF.
  4. Send an email to including the following:
    • Attached copy of your schedule for the term for which you're requesting services from step 3.
    • What you are requesting and for which classes in the body of the email.
      • eg., “I request alternative format textbooks for all classes,” or, “I request an audiobook for SPAN 1110,” or, “I request Brailled textbooks for ENGL 1120.”
    • Current, working phone number
    • (optional) textbook receipts/proof of purchase. This step can also wait until you are notified to pick up your books.

When your books are ready, we will reach out to you via your CNM email and the phone number you included in your request. We will give you a link to download your textbooks.

If you are unable to complete any part of the request, contact the DRC at 505.224.3259 or

First Time Request for CNM Disability Resource Services

DRC Responsibilities

The DRC has the responsibility to administer, maintain, and supervise support services for students with disabilities in accordance with state and federal laws. 

The DRC has the responsibility to:

  • Provide reasonable accommodations.
  • Accept appropriate documentation of a disability from a qualified professional.
  • Maintain confidentiality about students' disability information 

The DRC is not responsible for:

  • Providing formal assessments to determine disability.
  • Reducing or altering essential requirements of a course or program or department's academic standards.
  • Providing personal attendants, personal assistive devices, or service animals.
  • Sending Student Accommodation Statements to instructors.

Access DRC Forms

Disability Resource Center services are provided at all campuses, although our office is located solely at Main Campus. Feel free to contact us to help you out.

Non-Discrimination Notice

The DRC welcomes everyone at CNM. Read more information about CNM's non-discrimination notice from the Dean of Students.