Information for students regarding Final Grades, GPA Requirements, etc.

Final Grades

Final grades are recorded on the student's CNM transcript and calculated in both a term grade point average (GPA) and a cumulative GPA. They are available three business days after the end of the Part of Term in which the course is offered. Grades can be obtained through myCNM.

To request a printed copy of grades, visit the Records Office at the Main Campus or the Admission Office at all other CNM locations. A photo ID is required to release grades.

Academic Renewal

Students who return to CNM after an extended absence may petition to remove complete academic terms from future degree and GPA considerations. This policy allows CNM students who had previously experienced academic difficulty to make a fresh start. Learn more about CNM's Academic Renewal policy.

Grade Mode

Learn more about what Grade Mode options are available to CNM students.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The grade point average (GPA) is computed by multiplying the number of credit hours of a course by the quality point value assigned to the letter grade:

  • A=4
  • B=3
  • C=2
  • D=1
  • F=0

For example, a four-credit hour course with a grade of A carries 16 quality points. The total number of quality points earned is divided by the total number of eligible credit hours attempted (GPA hours).

Grades of I, CR, PR, NC, W, AU and TR are not calculated in the GPA.

GPA Requirement
A GPA of 2.0 or better in the program is required (unless otherwise stated in the program description).

Grading System

Grades are awarded as follows:

  • A - Excellent: four points per credit hour.
  • B - Above average: three points per credit hour.
  • C - Average: two points per credit hour.
  • D - Below average: one point per credit hour.
  • F - Failure: zero points per credit hour.
  • CR - Credit: grade is equivalent of at least a grade of C, but is not computed in the GPA.
  • NC - No Credit: grade is not computed in the GPA.
  • PR - In Progress: course work not completed; grade is not computed in the GPA.
  • AU - Audit: recorded for completion of enrollment in an audited course; no credit is earned.
  • I - Incomplete: grade is not computed in the GPA.
  • W* - Withdrew: used for student, instructor, and administrative withdrawals.
  • TR/TRD: Credit for transfer coursework and nontraditional credit; grade is not computed in the GPA.

Incomplete Grade Assignment and Removal

A grade of "I" or "IC" (incomplete) is given when circumstances beyond the student's control have prevented completion of the work for a course within the official dates of a term. In no case is an "I" or "IC" to be used to avoid a failing grade or to allow extra time to complete work normally expected.

Removal of an "I" or "IC" grade can only be accomplished by completing the work in a manner acceptable to the course instructor. The deadline cannot be later than five weeks after the start of the term following the term for which the incomplete grade was granted.

An "I" not made up by the established deadline will automatically revert to an F or NC on the student's record and cannot be changed by work completion.

Repeating Course Processing

When a student has completed a course two or more times, each course enrollment and all grades will appear on the student's transcript. Only the higher grade will be used to calculate the GPA.

This policy applies to courses with identical course abbreviations and numbers except for the following: topics, problems, internship and cooperative education courses and when course abbreviations and numbers change as a result of new programs and/or program revisions.

Repeating a course more than two times requires specific permission by the School offering that course. The permission process varies from one Academic School to the next. Repeat permission may be requested only during specific times each term.

To initiate the course repeat request visit the Course Repeat Process page.

Note: Certain forms of financial aid will not provide assistance to students who repeat courses previously completed successfully. Compliance with such regulations is the student's responsibility.