Grade Mode

Grade options for classes.

CNM has the following grading options (grade modes). These options are not available for all classes. Refer to the course descriptions for grade mode restrictions.

Students may change the grading option (grade mode) of a class through the last day to drop the class. Note that some courses do not have multiple grading options. It is highly recommended that students consult with Advisement and Financial Aid Advisor before selecting an Audit or Credit/No Credit grade mode.

Active CNM students can access the web-based grade mode change form.  All requests are processed by the Records Office.

Traditional Grade

A, B, C, D, F. Traditional grades are used in calculating GPA. Students interested in transferring their CNM course work to another institution are encouraged to enroll in courses for a traditional grade.


Students auditing a class must meet course prerequisites, are expected to attend all class sessions, but are not required to complete assignments. For online classes, a student must participate in online discussions about academic matters or regularly contact the instructor to discuss required course topics to establish attendance. Students may not enroll in courses numbered 0999 and below for audit.

Courses taken for audit will appear on the student's transcript with no credits recorded and as an "AU" grade.

Courses taken for audit are not included in the student's total course load for enrollment verification and cannot be used to meet a course pre- or corequisite. Audited courses are not eligible for financial aid.

Students changing from audit to any other grading option are responsible for having met all course requirements to date, as stated in the course syllabus. Tuition and fees are assessed for courses that are selected for audit.

Credit/No Credit

Students may elect to take general education courses for credit/no credit (CR/NC) but it is not an option for General Honors or most career and technical courses. All developmental courses are graded on a CR/NC basis.

CR (Credit)

Students must meet all minimum requirements for the course. CR is the equivalent of C or better grade. A grade of CR is not computed in the GPA but the student will receive credit for the course.

NC (No Credit)

Students who do not satisfactorily complete minimum course requirements will receive NC. A grade of NC is not computed in the GPA and the student will not receive credit for the course.

CR/NC is not an option for General Honors or most occupational courses. All Developmental Studies courses are graded on a CR/NC basis. A maximum of nine credit hours graded CR/NC will be allowed toward general education requirements in certificates or associate degrees.

Note: Some schools, scholarships and honorary societies do not accept this grading system and/or convert grades of CR to C and NC to F. Students planning to transfer to another institution should talk to an academic advisor at that institution about possible consequences of CR/NC grades.

Open-Entry, Open-Exit

Students may register for courses that have flexible entry and/or exit points with the open-entry, open-exit grading option. Depending on the course, the student may receive a traditional (A, B, C, D, F), credit/no credit (CR/NC) or an in progress (PR) grade.