Academic Renewal

Students who return to CNM after an extended absence may petition to remove complete academic terms from future degree and GPA considerations.
Petitions for Academic Renewal are available online and from the Records Office at Main Campus, the Admissions Office at all other campuses. The Academic Renewal Form must be clearly legible and printed on plain white paper.

CNM's Academic Renewal policy allows CNM students who had previously experienced academic difficulty to make a fresh start. Approval of the petition is based on the conditions listed below. If approved, Academic Renewal will result in a new grade point average (GPA).

  • To be eligible for Academic Renewal the student must have been absent from CNM for at least three consecutive years prior to petitioning for Academic Renewal and must have completed at least 15 credit hours since their return with at least a 2.0 GPA.
  • Courses taken prior to Fall 1988 term are not eligible for Academic Renewal. Academic Renewal will affect all courses with grades of D or F taken between Fall 1988 and the student's absence.
  • Academic Renewal may be granted only one time per student and cannot be reversed.
  • Any academic suspensions that occurred in the past shall remain on the student's permanent academic record.
  • All attempted coursework and grades will remain on the student's official transcript. All courses affected by Academic Renewal will be excluded from the GPA calculation and may not be used to meet program and/or residency requirements for future graduation. A statement will be placed on the student's transcript indicating that Academic Renewal status was granted.
  • Academic Renewal does not affect any previous academic, financial or administrative determination made by CNM. Other institutions/agencies may or may not choose to honor this policy in evaluating a student's transcript.
  • Academic Renewal does not override the enrollment requirements of certain programs that require a specific minimum grade point average based on all coursework. Re-entry into any academic program is not automatic.