Giving Surveys

ODS conducts and reports on student, graduate and employee surveys, and manages the process for conducting surveys at or for CNM. The requirements, resources, and guidelines for giving surveys are detailed on this page.

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See recent survey reports for internal use on the Community Insights Survey Page


Requirements for giving surveys at or for CNM

  • All surveys distributed at or by CNM must be submitted to ODS's Survey Inventory Form. Surveys requiring additional review from the IRB or MCO will be identified through this form. Advanced planning is recommended, as the additional review processes require more time.  Complete details are described in the guidelines below.
  • Employees conducting surveys at or for CNM need to complete an online training. To access the training, which is available now, log into myCNM, click on “Employee,” click on “Talent Management,” click on “Browse for Training” and look for “Survey Training.”

Resources for creating surveys at or for CNM

Survey Process Guidelines

1. General

1.1. The purpose of these guidelines is to identify the different types of surveys sent out on behalf of the College and the review and/or approval processes required for each.

1.2. All surveys must:

  • have a plan for data retention (New Mexico Administrative Code requires that surveys, questionnaires, and related records be retained for 5 years)
  • be written at a reading level that general survey takers can follow (about an 8th grade reading level is recommended)
  • include an introduction containing the following information:
    • the reason for the survey
    • that participation is strictly voluntary
    • the level of confidentiality of responses (anonymous or confidential), if applicable
    • that academic or contact information collected by the survey may be subject to FERPA regulations, if applicable, and how this will be accomplished
    • how the data will be protected (who will see the raw data and/or analysis)
    • how the data/responses will be used
    • if the results or analysis will be published or distributed
    • the anticipated length of time needed to complete the survey
    • the contact information of a person designated to answer questions and address concerns of respondents

1.3. CNM’s Office of Data Strategy (ODS) should be made aware of all surveys by internal or external constituents. All surveys must be submitted using the Survey Inventory Form before distribution. ODS will review all surveys along with CNM’s Marketing and Communications Office (MCO) and other strategic stakeholders as needed. If research will be published and/or presented, the researchers must go through the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval process. ODS’s awareness and evaluation of all surveys before dissemination is critical.

Certain questionnaires are exempt from ODS review:

  • Course evaluations
  • Event or product feedback forms
  • Rosters or sign-in sheets
  • Voting ballots
  • Applications (e.g. scholarship applications)
  • Program Assessments (these require approval by the appropriate Dean and/or the VP of Academic Affairs)

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2. Process

2.1. All individuals who desire to conduct surveys are required to complete a short online training through CNM’s Talent Management System under the name “Survey Training.”

2.2. All surveys must be submitted to OPIE through the Survey Inventory Form before being administered. Surveys requiring additional review from the IRB or MCO will be identified through the inventory form. Advanced planning is recommended, as the additional review processes require more time.

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3. Definitions

3.1. Anonymous: no identifying information is collected, and the investigator or analyst do not know the identity of the participants.

3.2. Confidential: the investigator or analyst can match responses or data collected to the individual participants, but identifying information is not released to anyone other than the analyst.

3.3. Survey: tool used to inform the creation or modification of products or processes, understand or predict human behavior, or influence or inform others. (Adapted from: Alreck, P. L., & Settle, R. B. (1995). The survey research handbook: guidelines and strategies for conducting a survey (2nd ed.). Chicago, IL: Irwin.)

3.4. Research: Systematic investigation, including research development, testing, and evaluation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge. See 45 C.F.R. § 46.102.

3.5. Generalizable Knowledge: Conclusions, facts, or principles derived from particulars (individual subjects, medical records, etc.) that are applicable to or affect a whole category (members of a class, kind, or group, a field of knowledge, etc.) and enhance scientific or academic understanding.

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4. Additional Review

4.1. Surveys done as part of any research study require review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

4.2. Surveys distributed broadly, such as campus-wide surveys and external surveys, require review by MCO.

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