Logging in to CNM

Instructions for logging in to CNM systems for the first time, setting up multifactor authentication, resetting your CNM password, and finding your username.

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All CNM users are governed by the Technology Use Policy.

First Time Logging in to CNM Systems

Use the instructions below to log in to your CNM account for the first time and set up multifactor authentication.

Setting Up Your CNM Password 

Configurar su Contraseña de CNM

Reset Your CNM Password

Reset your CNM password using Microsoft's self-service password reset portal

How to Reset Your Password 

Restablecimiento de contraseña

Find Your CNM Username/Email

If you have forgotten your username or email, you can easily locate it through lookup.cnm.edu

Finding Your CNM Username

Cómo Encontrar su Nombre de 
Usuario de CNM

Setting Up Multifactor Authentication

CNM requires you set up multifactor authentication (MFA) on your account for added security. Besides your password, you need a phone, mobile app, or Yubikey as a second form of authentication to log in.

Setting up MFA - English  

Setting Up MFA - Spanish

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