Wireless is free to students, employees, and guests of the college.

Wireless Access

CNM's wireless network is unrestricted and accessible from most campus locations.  All campus buildings and developed areas will have wireless access in the near future.

Guest access to CNM’s wireless network allows visiting departmental academic and non-academic guests to connect their personal devices to the CNM’s wireless network for the sole purpose of connecting to the Internet. 

Policies and Security

Access to CNM’s Wireless Network is subject to all relevant CNM policies and guidelines including the Information Technology Use Policy, in addition to any and all state and federal laws related to Internet use. Inappropriate user behavior on CNM’s network may be subject to sanctions including the loss of network access privileges, campus ban, or legal action. Some violations may constitute criminal offenses under local, state, and federal laws. 

You are responsible for your own computer's security. The use of an anti-virus program is highly recommended.  All users should be aware that the CNM wireless network is an open network and should not expect privacy on this network. Your access to and use of the CNM wireless network is at your sole risk.

Connecting to CNM_Guest

After connecting to the wireless network, you must agree to abide by the CNM Technology Use Policy in order to access the CNM Wireless network. Follow the instructions below:

  1. From the Wi-Fi settings on your device, select CNM_Guest.
  2. You will be redirected to sign in. If you are not redirected, open a web browser and go to to be redirected to the splash screen.

    Guest Network Splash Screen
  3. Select Click here to continue to be redirected to
  4. Select I am a CNM Guest.
  5. Read the Information Technology Use Policy.

  • Note: Accept the terms of conditions each day to continue to use the CNM_Guest wireless network.

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