Solicitation Requests

CNM reserves the right to remove or bar any solicitor from the College’s premises because of inappropriate conduct, the sale of inappropriate goods or services or any other violation of this policy.

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Submitting a Request for Solicitation

Third-parties, including religious organizations, must request and obtain approval from CNM’s Marketing and Communications Office (“MCO”) prior to soliciting CNM students, employees, and guests on College Premises. Third-party solicitation is subject to viewpoint-neutral and reasonable time, place and manner restrictions imposed by the College.

Important Notes

  • Requests for approval shall be made at least five (5) business days in advance of the planned solicitation. 
  • MCO recommends soliciting Monday - Thursday. 
  • The most effective solicitation schedules are either Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday. This will allow for the most variation in student population.
  • If you are requesting multiple locations for your solicitation, please submit separate requests for each location. 
  • Be sure to provide the name of the representative who will be present, the location they will be at, and the day they are planning to solicit. 

Solicitation Provisions

Solicitation on any College premises is subject to the following non-exhaustive list of provisions:

  • CNM will allow one single campus-wide annual fund raising campaign open to all charitable not-for-profit organizations that wish to participate. The campaign shall be organized  
    and controlled by the CNM Foundation.
  • Solicitations for sale of food, beverages and books are allowed only by vendors under contract with CNM. CNM’s Executive Team may allow exceptions to this provision if a vendor not under contract with CNM is a local small business or has significant ties to CNM.
  • CNM employees may solicit each other provided, however, that such solicitation must not significantly interfere with operations, as determined by the appropriate supervisor.
  • Solicitation of non-College entities by CNM employees must be approved in advance by, and coordinated through, the CNM Foundation.
  • Labor union representatives may not solicit CNM employees during work hours unless permitted to do so by the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

Solicitation Locations

See the following campus maps to find out where you can solicit. Be sure to download and print a copy to make sure you are located in the appropriate area on campus.

Request for Solicitation Form
Use this form to submit your request for solicitation on CNM campuses.
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