OPIE provides Student, Graduate, Community and Employee Surveys.

Student Surveys

The Student Satisfaction Inventory measures student satisfaction with a wide range of college experiences. By obtaining student feedback on both satisfaction and importance, we can better identify areas of excellence and performance gaps that may be the basis for opportunities for improvement.

Graduate Surveys

OPIE and the CNM Call Center work together to survey and otherwise collect information on the activities of graduates starting 3 months after graduation and continuing through a one-year reporting cycle. Information is collected and reported based on a fiscal year (summer, fall, and spring terms). Email, telephone calls, employer websites, National Student Clearinghouse reports, and faculty input are examples of collection venues.

The reports linked below show numbers of graduates in each program and the information gathered regarding those graduates' involvement in employment and education within one year after completing certificates and/or degrees at CNM:

Employee Surveys

Community Surveys

Survey links were e-mailed to 2317 area employers.Two hundred forty-one responses were received.