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Connecting Students to their Goals

CNM Connect Services is ...

  • A philosophy of how we work with students.
  • A physical space at each campus where students can get whatever resources they need.
  • A group of dedicated staff, faculty and students who come together as a community in service of all students.

We believe that there are no wrong doors through which students can access college. Through CNM Connect Services, students don’t experience silos or multiple referrals between departments at the college.


CNM Connect Services Past and Present

Connect was created in 2006 to focus resources and support on students who were most in need. This work was called Center for Working Families and provided wrap-around, comprehensive, holistic support to GED, ESL and developmental students. In 2010, CNM chose to institutionalize this work throughout the college by opening up this support to all students at all campuses. This expansion was called CNM Connect Services.


Today, CNM Connect Services focuses on students’ navigation and success through their entire experience at CNM – from pre-enrollment through the completion of students’ stated goals.

Success Timeline
CNM Connect Services Mission Statement

The spirit of CNM Connect Services supports cooperation within the CNM Community and fosters student success in a holistic way. We embody CNM core values in support of retention and graduation by reaching out to students, identifying their strengths, anticipating and removing barriers, navigating systems and utilizing resources.

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CNM Connect Services Model

The CNM Connect Services model was based on data from the SENSE and Non retained Students Survey Team (NRRST) data. This data set showed four overlapping opportunities for CNM.

  • Community Connections: a strong connection to someone at the college who can help when difficulties arise
  • Instruction: academic resources and modes of instruction that promote greater levels of student engagement
  • Financial aid: financial support including advisement, resources and aid
  • Awareness of and access to resources: promoting access to an awareness of resources so students can use them when needed.

I am grateful for people like you. you put time aside to help me when I needed it. you care about a student’s success. I really do appreciate your help. THANK YOU! ~ Vanessa Martinez

Connect student

With your help and sympathetic council, we were able to pull resources to pass through this crisis successfully. ~Edward Newman

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and most important the kindness and concern that you’ve shown to me. ~Christine Granger