Guest and Visitor Guidelines

For your safety and security all visitors to any CNM facility, you may be asked to display a photo ID by authorized personnel. Visitors using library or computer lab services must obtain and carry at all times a Guest ID card.

Remember that access to CNM’s resources and systems is a privilege. CNM Guests are expected to follow all applicable local, state, or federal laws and all policies of CNM. When individuals fail to follow these rules, the situation may be referred to the Dean of Students and/or CNM Security for action which may include loss of privileges or a complete ban from CNM property.

Guests are subject to follow all rules listed or implied by the the following policies and procedures.

Some especially relevant restrictions include:

  • Disruptive behavior, threatening or disrespectful behavior, or any behavior which disrupts the normal operations of CNM or which infringes on the rights of members of the CNM community.
  • Misuse of computing resources including downloading or sharing of files that violates copyright or is otherwise illegal.
  • Use of CNM computing resources to harass or intimidate.