Graduates of CNM: Ansely Emeanuwa

Ansely owns a thriving local business and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in accounting after graduating from CNM.
February 01, 2022

CNM graduate Ansely Emeanuwa, who owns Live Flowers, says his business career probably started when his parents decided to plant a garden in their backyard. Before long, they were growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs at an Albuquerque community garden and selling their produce at local farmers' markets.

“I think they were trying to teach us how to start our own business,” Ansely says. “Anything that New Mexico can grow, we started growing so that we could sell it.”   

By the time he was in high school, Ansely already had his own business selling flowers alongside his family’s produce stand.

“I sold out that first day and I liked it, so I just kept going and going,” Ansely says.

That led to Ansely being approached by local restaurant, Poki Poki Cevicheria, to help spruce up its patio and interior. Since then, Ansely has gone on to create floral arrangements for weddings, baby showers, and even other local businesses.

At CNM, Ansely studied accounting, which he says has been key to helping him run his own business.

“A lot of business owners haven’t taken any business classes, so they have to hire people to help them manage their business but they don’t know exactly what’s happening,” Ansely says. “I want to know exactly where the money goes.”

However, it’s the networking skills he acquired as both a student and working on campus as a New Student Orientation Leader that Ansely says enabled him to thrive as a business owner.

“I’m an extrovert when it comes to my friends and meeting new people, but I’m an introvert when it comes to presenting,” Ansely says. “Being a New Student Orientation Leader taught me how to take a deep breath and practice what I’m going to say when it really matters.”

After graduating with his associate degree, Ansely went on to finish his bachelor’s degree at the University of New Mexico (UNM) where he received several honors including Homecoming King, a Clauve Outstanding Senior Award, and African American Student of the Year in 2021.

As for what the future holds, Ansely isn’t shy about dreaming big. Along with continuing to grow his business and finding ways to support other young entrepreneurs, Ansely hopes to get a job in healthcare accounting or possibly even start his own accounting firm.

“I met some of my best friends through CNM,” Ansely says. “I want to open an accounting firm with all of us as partners.”

Ansely is currently pursuing his master’s degree at UNM’s Anderson School of Management where he is set to graduate in Spring 2023.