How CNM Security Helped This Student Find a New Career Path

Brady Mackenzie applied for a job as a CNM Security guard on a whim and has an exciting career path ahead of him
June 25, 2024

One month ago, Brady Mackenzie would have never imagined himself working in security. But now he’s the newest member of CNM’s Security team and is loving every minute.  

“I’ve never done anything like this before, but it’s a really amazing job and I can see myself sticking with it,” he says.  

Before Brady worked in security he held a work-study position at the Library on Main Campus. On his last day at the library, a member of CNM’s Human Resources team asked Brady and his coworker if they were interested in full-time jobs. Brady jumped at the opportunity and was interviewed on the spot.  

“To land a job that was still at CNM and was full-time was really the best-case scenario,” Brady says. 

Brady immediately jumped into training about everything from active preventive patrol and critical incident response to telecommunications via dispatch.  

Along with his new job Brady is also studying Film and Digital Media at CNM, where he's hit his stride academically.  

“I was never a star student, but since I’ve been at CNM it’s been eye-opening to see what I can achieve with the proper resources and support,” he says.  

Brady credits his grandparents and CNM's scholarships like the Park Saiz GED Scholarship Endowment for his continued success.  

“I never would have been able to attend CNM without the financial aid I received or the support and guidance from my grandparents,” he says. “I was in a tough spot before I enrolled at CNM, and now I’ve bounced back and am working towards my goals, one step at a time.” 

Brady eventually wants to attend UNM to earn his bachelor's in film. He also sees himself working for CNM Security well into the future.  

“It’s so nice to have a job where I feel like what I’m doing matters,” he says. “CNM has already given me so much, and I’m just really excited and grateful to be give back to this institution.”