How this Student Combined Criminology and Spanish to Create a Specialized Law Enforcement Career Path

Vanessa Villalba Anguiano wants to work for the FBI or DEA, and CNM’s Criminology, Sociology, and Spanish programs are helping set her up for success
March 12, 2024

Vanessa Villalba Anguiano is only 18 but knows exactly where she’s headed. She wants to become an FBI or DEA agent, and the first steps are earning her associate degrees in Criminology and Sociology, along with a Spanish Language Certificate, at CNM. 

“When I was researching where to go to school, I realized very quickly that CNM would be the perfect place for me to start out,” she says. 


Vanessa was originally only enrolled in the Criminology program, but her instructors encouraged her to also study Sociology because of the strong connection between the disciplines. 

She is also working towards her Spanish Language certificate so she can better support underserved communities once she enters the workforce. 

“Spanish is my first language, and I’ve been helping translate conversations and documents for my parents for as long as I can remember,” Vanessa says. “With both the certificate and my lived experience, I know I will be able to better serve my community.” 

Along with her traditional coursework, Vanessa is thankful for the various criminal justice internship opportunities available through CNM. 

“CNM has a long-standing relationship with local law enforcement agencies, which is a great way for me to gain real-world experience to supplement what I’m learning in the classroom,” she says. “I really feel like all of the resources at CNM are setting me up for success.”

Vanessa will graduate this May and plans to earn a bachelor's degree in Criminology before pursuing her specialized law enforcement training. 

As she gets ready to move into this new chapter, Vanessa is thankful for the supportive community she found at CNM and encourages others to take advantage of all of the resources the college has to offer. 

“My favorite part of CNM was the welcoming and diverse community,” she says. “I can’t encourage other students enough to utilize the resources that are available like tutoring, career counseling, and networking opportunities. All of these have given me a well-rounded education experience that I will carry with me well into the future.”