Learn How the New Mexico Information Technology Apprenticeship Program Has Impacted Students

The New Mexico Information Technology Apprenticeship Program (NMITAP) is part of CNM’s apprenticeship programs and provides work-based training opportunities for individuals who are interested in working or are already working in the IT field
November 14, 2023

National Apprenticeship Week is an important event that celebrates the success of apprenticeship programs across the country. The New Mexico Information Technology Apprenticeship Program (NMITAP) is one of CNM’s innovative apprenticeship programs that connects students, IT professionals, and veterans with paid, work-based apprenticeship opportunities to help fill the national need for highly-skilled IT professionals. Below are a few NMITAP student success stories that showcase the importance of apprenticeship opportunities and the impact the program has on current and aspiring IT professionals.

Curtis Rayburn

Curtis Rayburn: “NMITAP has helped give me a foundational knowledge in cyber security, a familiarization of the tools used on the job, and a sense of confidence. I have used the knowledge gained in the program to better analyze packet capture (PCAP) to help troubleshoot client issues. The apprenticeship was also great, and I was impressed with the several learning formats the National Cyber League used to help us become familiar with Linux and real world cyber attacks. We gained experience in the IBM web-based classes with live monitoring and detection along with real world cyber security tools that many organizations cannot afford to employ. I love my job at SteadyNetworks and they provide the  flexibility I need to still be involved with a young family while allowing me to continue to grow my skills. I do see myself transitioning into a more security-centric role and feel confident that I may have an opportunity with the background the cyber security apprenticeship has provided.”

Chris Alarid

Chris Alarid: “During COVID, Albuquerque Public Schools presented us an opportunity with the NMITAP program. I wanted to educate myself in cyber security because I believe it is the future of IT. I attended the classes for the past three years while balancing a full-time position, volunteering, coaching high school football, and co-parenting. Needless to say, my schedule was very demanding but I knew this was a great opportunity that I could not pass up. I stayed dedicated to my studies and was able to pass my A+ and Security+ exams. Since I started with NMITAP, I went from a service desk position to a career path in Esports, and am now the sole field technician for the Title I Department at APS. My plan is to use the certificates I earned to secure a position on the cyber security team with Albuquerque Public Schools. I am thankful for this opportunity. It has allowed me to be part of a team that gives back to the community!”

Jordan Gonzales

Jordan Gonzalez: “Being a part of the apprenticeship program at CNM has prepared me to help my coworkers all while helping me expand my horizons in technology. On this journey, I improved what little I knew about technology because the courses provided by CNM helped me learn new skills that proved to be very helpful. The apprenticeship also helped me light an old flame of mine to become a technical specialist. For that, I cannot express how grateful I am to this program for helping me gain the knowledge and skills to help me in what would be an incredible career. I do hope that this program can help other students achieve the knowledge and skills that they may need to achieve their goals as well.”