The Biotechnology program prepares you for transfer to a four-year program in Biology. Earn an Associate of Science or certificate and pursue work as a Biofuel Processing Technician, Laboratory Technologist, and more.

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Biotechnology Program

This program prepares you for transfer to a four year program in Biology with a concentration in the dynamic and exciting field of Biotechnology.

With a four year degree you can expect to compete for positions as biotechnicians where they use cutting-edge technology to uncover the molecular causes of disease, develop new drugs and therapies, enhance agricultural products or remediate environmental problems.

Biotechnicians conduct research experiments, run assays, operate lab equipment and help manage laboratory activities by maintaining records, performing data analysis, and establishing and maintaining quality controls.

You will build knowledge and skills through a program of lectures and hands-on laboratory experience. Laboratory techniques include molecular biology, recombinant DNA, protein isolation and analysis, immunology and cell culture skills.