Electrical Trades


The Electrical Trades program teaches electrical circuitry, troubleshooting, local and national electrical codes, and OSHA compliance safety training. Earn an Associate of Applied Science or certificate and pursue work as a Solar Photovoltaic Installer, Electrician, and more.

Degrees & Certificates

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Top Electrical Jobs

Note: Some jobs require education or training beyond the CNM degree/certificate.

Program Information

The Electrical Trades program provides students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and technical skills necessary to enter the growing field of electrical trades. The state of New Mexico does not have licensure requirements for this profession. 

Designed to be completed in 57 weeks, this program will cost approximately $8,129 if completed within the recommended time frame. Costs may fluctuate over time and do not include living expenses. 

Curriculum Highlights 

First Term

Hands-on training for personal and tool safety, meter reading, electrical circuitry, electrical formulas, electrical calculations, material identification, and AC/DC motor operation and troubleshooting.

Second Term

Residential blueprint reading, application of the National Electrical Code (NEC), NM Electrical Code (NMEC), and local electrical codes, installation of branch circuits and feeders, residential services, single pole, three and four-way switch circuits, door chime installation, dryer, range, and swamp cooler circuitry and conduit bending.

Third Term

Technical skills, power distribution systems, three-phase services, hazardous locations, commercial blueprint reading, circuitry, three-phase motor starters, timers, mechanical and hydraulic conduit bending, power threaders, cutting and threading of rigid metal conduit, knock-out punches, hammer-drill operation, powder actuated fasteners, cable installation, wire pulling and application of the NEC.

Related Information 

The School of Skilled Trades & Arts

The School of Skilled Trades & Arts fosters an environment of relevant applied learning, such as trade apprenticeships. Our aim is to equip students with the technical knowledge and skills to further their career and personal goals.

Further Studies

Get on-the-Job Experience

Electric Line Worker Pre-Apprentice Program

CNM Ingenuity offers a 15-week training course including classroom time, fieldwork in the outdoor lab, and an internship. For more information visit CNM Ingenuity Electric Line Worker Program.

Photovoltaic (Solar) Energy

CNM Ingenuity’s fast-track solar classes deliver the knowledge and skills needed to begin or advance your solar career. They’re also excellent for electricians who find themselves interfacing with solar technology more and more often. For more information visit CNM Ingenuity Photovoltaic (Solar) Energy program.

Required Tools

Students in the Electrical Trades program will need access to specialized tools related to the field. Contact Skilled Trades & Arts to receive a course tool list.

Electrical Trades and Financial Independence 

Image of Rita Johnson

Rita Johnson graduated from CNM's Electrical Trades program and is now a successful journeyman. She plans to eventually own her own electrical business that’s run and staffed by women. It will take a lot of work to get there, but she’s motivated to succeed so that she can help other women in the community who want to build a career. Read more about Rita's success story