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Deans Council

The Deans Council represents 750 full-time and part-time faculty in the planning and delivery of numerous degrees and certificates in career and technical, adult, developmental, arts, sciences, and workforce education.
The Deans Council is responsible for:
  • Curricula
  • Course Delivery
  • Resources and Equipment for Learning
  • Student Academic Achievement Assessment
  • Academic Affairs Marketing
  • Program Accreditation/College-Wide Accreditation Participation
  • Faculty/Staff Professional Development
  • College Catalog Participation
This instructional team also oversees processes as listed below:
  • Academic Goals and Assessment of Results
  • Program Review
  • New Programs
  • Faculty Evaluation







Sydney Gunthorpe Vice President Academic Affairs 505-224-4427
Paul Quan Executive Director Academic Affairs 505-224-4418

Lis Turkheimer Executive Director Academic Affairs 505-224-4320

LouAnne Lundgren Dean Adult & General Education 505-224-3936

John Bronisz Dean Applied Technologies 505-224-3730
Donna Diller Dean Business & Information Technology 505-224-3824
Erica Volkers Dean Communication, Humanities & Social Studies 505-224-3699
Tamra Mason Dean Health, Wellness & Public Safety 505-224-4118
John Cornish Dean Math, Science & Engineering 505-224-2745
Diane Burke Dean Workforce Training Center 505-224-5203

Eugene Padilla Associate Vice President Student Services 505-224-4720