About Academic Affairs

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) Academic Affairs Division comprises seven Academic Schools

Welcome to Central New Mexico Community College and the Academic Affairs Division.

The Academic Affairs Division designs, develops, implements, and evaluates the courses, certificates, and associate degrees for students in accordance with the Open Pathway accreditation principles, standards, and criteria. The Academic Affairs Division's faculty and staff support the College's vision, mission, values, and goals.

Student success, faculty professional development, faculty and staff inclusiveness, and educational collaboration with community partners and educational institutions are an integral part of the Division's charge.

Educational Support Departments & Teams

The Academic Affairs Division functions in a team-oriented, collaborative environment that fosters student learning, student academic achievement, high academic standards, faculty expertise, faculty and staff diversity, faculty and staff professional development, multiple methods for delivery of academic programs, community partnerships and educational collaboration with public, private and higher educational institutions.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs is the chief instructional officer of the college reporting directly to the President. The Vice President may represent the college at various statewide and local community forums relevant to the college’s mission.

The Academic Affairs Division assists in communicating and implementing the college’s academic vision, mission, values, and goals by providing leadership for faculty and staff, engagement in student learning, and instruction that includes courses, certificates, and associate degrees at five (5) campuses and off-site locations. For more information, see the Deans Council page.

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) participates in the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Open Pathway.  As an Open Pathway member, CNM is committed to improvement and performance excellence.

Professional development opportunities are offered to all CNM employees through Cooperative for Teaching and Learning.

Academic Affairs Org Chart (PDF)