Philosophy on General Education

CNM maintains that the general education component of each degree or certificate program is critical in preparing students to live in and contribute to a dynamic, complex and multicultural world.

In support of this philosophy, CNM is committed to providing student learning experiences that develop abilities such as critical thinking, communication (written and oral), application of technology, life skills and teamwork.

In addition, the college provides coursework that allows students to explore the modes of inquiry for the major disciplines and to have learning experiences that allow them to broaden their educational base.

General education allows students to gain an appreciation of the creative arts, understand multicultural and diverse perspectives, articulate the human condition, analyze the natural world through mathematics and science, and make meaningful and ethical decisions.

CNM intends that students who complete the general education requirement will possess the knowledge and mental skills essential to their development as an individual and global member.

Program Exit Competencies

All programs of study at CNM have identified exit competencies that graduates will demonstrate upon completion of their programs of study. These competencies are consistent with employer expectations in the workplace.

Together, the exit competencies and core competencies will ensure that CNM graduates demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to be contributors to the workforce and society. These competencies represent an assurance to students and employers that programs are providing quality teaching and learning experiences at CNM.


CNM is dedicated to ensuring that all academic courses and curricula meet the highest level of relevancy and excellence. Thus, we are collectively committed to conducting ongoing, systematic assessment of student learning outcomes across all areas of study. CNM’s assessment processes inform decisions at course, program, and institutional levels. The resulting evidence-based changes help ensure that the education CNM students receive remains first-rate and up-to-date.


CNM is accredited to grant certificates and associate of applied science, associate of arts and associate of science degrees by The Higher Learning Commission, a commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.