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Veterans Affairs Frequently Asked Questions

This web page will give you more information about veteran and veteran dependent educational benefits.

What is the best way to get in touch with your office?

Leaving a voicemail is the best way to get in contact with our office. When you leave a voicemail, please include your CNM ID #, the reason for your call, and a return phone number. We make every effort to returns calls as soon as possible—usually the same day, or early the following morning.

What courses do I need to enroll in to finish my degree?

CNM has Academic Advisors who can assist you with this. Please contact Academic Advisement at (505) 224-4355 to set up an appointment. CNM’s VA Office is not permitted to assist you with course planning.

Why haven’t I received a monthly housing allowance or stipend for my attendance?

 There could be various reasons for this. If you don’t find an explanation below please contact our office at (505) 224-3118.

  1. Did you submit your final class schedule to CNM’s VA office for the current term?

  2. Has your enrollment recently changed in any way? Creating changes to the final schedule you submitted to CNM’s VA Office without informing a VA representative can freeze the certification process.

  3. Are you enrolled in any late start classes? The VA only pays the student for the courses that are currently active. Your monthly housing allowance or stipend will be pro-rated according to your rate of pursuit.

  4. Have you incurred any overpayments with the VA? The VA has the option to withhold any funds necessary to settle incurred debts on the student. Please contact Debt Management at (800) 827-0648 if you think you may have incurred an overpayment.

  5. Did you call the Enrollment Verification Hotline at (877) 823-2378 on the last day of the month to verify your current enrollment? Students using Chapters 30, 1606, and 1607 must verify their attendance before the VA in Muskogee will release the student’s funds. Chapter 35 students must also call on the last day of the month if they were certified under a certificate program at CNM.  Students using Chapters 31 & 33 are not required to call the enrollment verification hotline on the last day of the month.

  6. Have you supplied CNM Records with your official transcripts from all previously attended institutions? (Including your military transcripts.)

How long will it take to complete my certification for the term?

Please allow CNM’s VA Office up to 10 business days to process your certification. You will receive an email sent to your MyCNM account when it has been submitted to the VA in Muskogee. Please allow Muskogee the necessary time to complete your VA certification for the upcoming term as well. 

What if I want to change my program of study? 

If you desire to change your program please meet with academic advisement to plan your new course of study. Register for courses that fit your new desired degree program when registration begins. When you provide CNM’s VA Office with a final class schedule for the upcoming term, please inform them you are changing your degree. As a reminder, all prior credit will apply to your new degree program accordingly.

What will happen if I audit a class or change my grading option to credit/no credit?

If you change your grading option to an audit in a course the VA has certified, CNM’s VA Office is required to report the audit to Muskogee. The audit will be reported as a withdrawal before the beginning of the term. You will receive a letter from Debt Management if you have incurred an overpayment. 

You are permitted to change your grading option to Credit/No Credit, however, that grading option might not satisfy the CNM degree program or certificate you are pursuing. Also, if you do decide to change your grading option to Credit/No Credit and receive a No Credit when the course ends, CNM’s VA office is required to report the No Credit to the VA in Muskogee. You will receive a letter from Debt Management if you incur an overpayment.