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Coordinated Program Entry Guidelines

Updated 1-16-2015



Changes to Entry Process

Program Entry requirements can only change one time each year. When a change is made:

  • Pre-Health Sciences students will be sent an email

  • Pre-Registration Screening will only be reviewed using new requirements

Please visit this website often to find updates. If you have any questions or concerns contact us.   


 Prerequisite courses for Pre-Registration Screening

1.   Required prerequisite courses specific to Coordinated Entry Programs can only be met in the following ways:

    Important Note: CLEP, AP Credit, and Challenge Exam results must be on a student's academic record at time of Pre-Registration Form submission

      • Complete the required prerequisite course at another institution with a grade of "C" or higher (official transcript must be on file at CNM Records Office). 

      2.   Program Prerequisite courses can be “In Progress” at time of Pre-Registration Screening Form submission; but must be “In Progress” at CNM  


      Grade Point Average (GPA) for Pre-Registration Screening   

      1.   Students’ cumulative GPA will be used to determine eligibility for CNM Coordinated Entry Programs. Each program has a specific GPA requirement. Cumulative GPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) refers to a student’s overall GPA 

      2.   A student's CNM GPA will be exclusively used to determine eligibility for a Coordinated Entry Program, if they have completed 16 credit hours or more at CNM. If a student has completed less than 16 credit hours at CNM, cumulative GPAs from all other institutions for which they have submitted transcripts will be averaged into their CNM GPA. Students who do not have any credit hours completed at CNM, will only have their transcripts from other institutions averaged to establish their cumulative GPA. 

      3.   A student must meet the cumulative GPA requirement for the program at the time of Pre-Registration Form Submission

      • Special Cases for Nursing: The CNM Nursing Program is required by the New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC) to use a student’s calculated GPA of program required prerequisite courses in addition to a student’s cumulative GPA. Calculated GPA: Calculated Grade Point Average (GPA) refers to a student’s GPA in a set of specific course
      • Special Cases for Pharmacy Technician and Dental Assisting: In the case that a student does not have a cumulative GPA from CNM or another institution and is “In Progress” with the required prerequisite courses for the Pharmacy Technician or Dental Assisting Program, the Office of Coordinated Entry will allow a student to meet the minimum GPA requirement at the completion of the term.

      4.    If a student has successfully registered for a program and their GPA falls below the minimum program requirement, they will become ineligible and dropped from program courses 


      Conditional Approvals

      In the event that a Coordinated Entry Program does not have enough students to fill their cohort for the upcoming term, the CNM School of Health, Wellness, and Public Safety reserves the right to allow students who have not completed all entrance requirements to be approved to register for a program on a conditional basis.

      The decision as to which program requirements would be deferred for entry are determined by the School of Health, Wellness, and Public Safety Leadership Team and the Program Director. Students who meet the program requirements determined by the School of Health, Wellness, and Public Safety Leadership Team and the Program Director will receive a “Conditional Approval” to register for the program.

      “Conditional Approval” would provide a student with the approval to register for a program, but would require them to complete the deferred entrance requirement(s) by a set deadline. Failure to complete the deferred entrance requirement(s) by the set deadline may jeopardize a student’s seat in the program.

      *The CNM Nursing program is excluded from this as their entry requirements are established and regulated by the New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC) 


      Re-Entry into a Coordinated Entry Program

      Students who do not complete the first term of instruction of a Coordinated Entry Program will need to re-register for the program. Students will have to go through the Pre-Registration Screening process again to attempt to register for the program for a 2nd time.

      • Second Attempts: Students who have taken any of the Term 1 Program coursework (courses labeled NRSG, RT, PT, RADT, DA, DMS, VT, MLT or EMS that is taken during the first term of the program) one time previouslyand successfully register for a seat in this program, may be required to make an appointment with the HWPS Achievement Coach to develop a plan to help guide your success.  Call 224-4111 to arrange this appointment as soon as you are able to successfully register for the program courses. If you are unsure if you have taken these courses before, please view your unofficial transcript through MyCNM
      • Third Attempts: Students who have taken any of the Term 1 Program coursework two times previously, will need to schedule an appointment by calling 224-4111 to discuss re-entry into the program before they register. The appointment is to explore strategies for success. This meeting typically involves the HWPS Achievement Coach, Program Director and Associate Dean (if applicable). If you attempt to register without scheduling this appointment, you will be blocked from registering.


      Appeals Policy 

       All students are encouraged to be screened for Coordinated Entry programs, and students will be screened for these programs based on published criteria.

      The Coordinated Program Entry process follows the CNM Governing Board’s statement that CNM will not illegally discriminate in any of its policies or procedures, including admissions.  (Governing Board Handbook, section 3.01).

      If a student believes the application processes did not follow the above practices, he/she may file an appeal.  

       Students can only appeal for these reasons

      • If an error was made that negatively affected the student’s pre-registration screening form, such as failure to record documentation, or an error in the calculation of grade point average (GPA)
      • If published pre-registration screening procedures, as stated on the website, were not followed in screening
      • If the student was not given equal consideration, as described in the Governing Board statement above. 

      How to appeal: 

      The student must submit a detailed, written letter explaining the circumstances of the appeal. The letter must be addressed to the Office of Coordinated Program Entry , and must include any supporting documentation (if applicable).  

      Students may submit letters to the Office of Coordinated Program Entry by fax, mail, or in person (Monday-Friday,8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Appeals must be received (not postmarked) within 5 business days of notification of non-eligibility by the Coordinated Program Entry Office. Non-eligibility letters are sent by CNM email. Students who do not appeal during this timeframe forfeit their right to an appeal.

      The Office of Coordinated Program Entry will investigate and make a decision about whether the appeal is granted or denied. A decision will be made within 8 business days of the appeal date  

      The student will be notified of the decision by CNM email. All decisions are final. If an appeal is approved, admission to the program is not guaranteed. The Office of Coordinated Program Entry will determine the appropriate course of action to address the issue.  

       Where to submit appeals: 

      Community Dental Health Coordinator
      Dental Assisting
      Diagnostic Medical Sonography
      EMS-Community Paramedic
      Medical Laboratory Technician
      Nursing (AASN and LPN-Mobility)
      Pharmacy Technology
      Radiological Technology
      Respiratory Therapy
      Veterinary Technology



       Office of Coordinated Program Entry

       School of Health, Wellness and Public Safety
      Central New Mexico Community College
      Attention: Coordinated Entry Appeal
      402 Jeannette Stromberg Building
      525 Buena Vista Dr. SE Albuquerque, NM 87106

      Fax: (505) 224-4120