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A curriculum is a formal academic plan for the learning experiences (classes, labs, etc.) of students in pursuit of a college degree or certificate. Curriculum includes the content of degree and certificate programs as well as individual courses. Each year, college faculty make proposals to update their curriculum. The proposals are reviewed by a committee of faculty peers, and upon approval by that committee and by the CNM Governing Board, the updates are published in the Course Catalog. Then the updated courses may be scheduled and published in the Schedule of Classes.

Curriculog is CNM’s online curriculum development and management system, designed for CNM faculty, staff, and administrators who are involved in adding, modifying, and terminating/deactivating curriculum — both individual courses and academic programs.

CNM’s Collegewide Integrated Program Review (CIPR) team reviews proposals for new programs and evaluates existing credit and non-credit programs, ensuring all CNM programs lead to completion, transfer, and/or positive employment outcomes. CIPR invites community suggestions for potential new programs of study or training at CNM.